The most important factors which are responsible for continuous improvement of seed quality are Research & Development (R&D) and Innovations. The special focus on these factor in last few decades has been responsible for impressive productivity gains. The resultant prosperity has ensured an abundant and safe food supply to ever growing global population.

Although initially driven by public sector companies, today we can see numerous private players who have made great progress in seeds RnD operations and have moved from small startups to large enterprises. These players are investing in advance RnD capabilities which helps in fast development to farm cycle for new varieties of seeds.

ISP is established with core focus on improving farmer’s productivity and help them produce more crops per acre by using our innovative research generated seeds.

ISP has constant focus on introducing new hybrids in vegetable and grains which produce higher yields and superior quality output. Our highly qualified and competent plant breeders work rigorously utilizing new and modern technologies to develop hybrids in different crops which possess higher resistance to pests, diseases and enhanced quality and offer extensive adaptability.

ISP has an advanced R&D unit located at Banglore, Karnataka. The R& D infrastructure contains well equipped green house facilities, and a state-of-the-art bio-technology laboratory. New product evaluation trials are conducted continuously, to select the most suitable product for every specified agro-climate zone in the country.